Call Center


Below are screenshots that were taken from real client's using our Koretel Call Center. Take a sneak peak at what you could have with our software!

*Sensitive information has been blurred for client privacy.

Koretel Call Center

Agent Log-In

Agents will be greeted with this page when they log into the Koretel Call Center.

Koretel Call Center

Supervisor Page Options

On this screen, you can see that supervisors are given many options for monitoring with our call center software. This is where you can run a real-time report such as the screenshot above, wallboards, which you may view below, quick activity reports, agent reports, and more! 

Koretel Call Center

Real-time Monitoring

On this screen, supervisors have the ability to see in a summarized view, how the calls are being processed, agents that are currently logged in, and more. 

Koretel Call Center

Wallboard A

On the Wallboard A screen, supervisors have the ability to view a live summary of the calls coming into the phone system. 

Koretel Call Center

Wallboard B

On the Wallboard B screen, supervisors have the ability to view a live summary of the agents.

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