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Disaster Recovery

CTS implements failover services for voice lines through our Disaster Recovery SIP Server. This allows us to become the immediate backup for all clients in the event of a disaster. 

You might be wondering...what exactly prompted us to create a failover site? New York, the city that never sleeps, was experiencing way too many fiber cuts & power outages. Unfortunately, our clients were losing most, if not all of their service, obviously not only creating an inconvenience for them, but for us as well. In order to continue honoring our commitment to carry out quality telecommunications and stand by our customers, we knew it was time for a change.


Let Us Be Your Backup Plan

Our backup SIP server has been implemented for more than 5 years now and has solved intermittent issues for many of our current customers.

Our backup server is broken down into hundreds of routes, each route being preset for each individual client in a manner that fits their needs. All calls that 'fail-over' can be routed back in 2 ways. One way is through our firewall and small SIP server that will be pre-installed onsite emulating CO lines and/or PRI back to their existing phone system. The second way is to route the calls to cell phones, or copper lines, in one or multiple locations. The firewall allows us to connect multiple sites together and route calls through a secure VPN connection, which provides us with better control of voice traffic.

Disaster Recovery SIP Server Will Keep You Connected

Our Disaster Recovery SIP Server offers custom Automated Attendant routing as well, which will replicate the clients' Automated Attendant giving us even more flexibility in call routing and matching of the digits dialed. This will allow the client to stay connected with the outside world and give the ability to be reached under any circumstances, such as carrier outages and/or power failures, and still manage to provide a greeting and route. This makes it look like the client is open for business no matter what.

Since Hurricane Sandy, we have successfully run our Disaster Recovery SIP Server without any issues. We have successfully provided our clients with communication both ways by utilizing any means possible to connect through the internet and our server at their location. Cable Modems and 4G LTE wireless was our only way of routing calls for several weeks following the storm. This type of technology allows us to route calls over any internet, making it a perfect backup that can be implemented almost instantly. If a cable connection was not available, then 4G LTE signal was used to route the calls. With our SIP technology, we are able to route up to 23 calls on 4G-LTE signal and up to 92 calls on cable modems.

This type of backup is a must for today’s businesses, providing them with off-site call routing at a minimal cost. The best part about it? The backup server call routing can be implemented in as little as 4 hours.


CTS offers offsite data backup and server replication for storing of all critical information. Backup can be setup to run daily or weekly, depending on the changes made to the database. Today’s software allows us to monitor all changes made on an hourly and daily basis. This gives us the power to back up the changes made, which saves time and eliminates the need to transfer large files.

We also offer data replication for servers. Clients that demand to have their entire critical database stored in off-site servers can purchase rack space and rent servers in one of our data centers that CTS offers services through. Each server will be replicated in one hour or up to 24 hour periods. This type of data replication is the safest and most efficient because in case of server failure, the data stored in an off site server can be accessed remotely and a new 

server can be rebuilt in a matter of hours with current data.

With Data Backup and Failover Services from CTS, you’ll have peace of mind under any circumstance.

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