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01. Cost saving.

02. Reliability.

03. Better performance.

VOIP Solutions

Multi Site
Remote IP Phones
Cell Phone Integration


We offer IP Phone System Networking through the latest IP technology for up to 500 or more locations. This is based on client’s configuration and requirements. Our system supports unlimited routes and extensions which gives us the ability to configure and manage the systems from one location. All management is done remotely, which in return saves time and money.

We can integrate certain products to older PBX systems as well. Koretel system supports emulation of CO lines, SIP and T1/PRI circuits that can be used to tie old and new systems.

Remote IP Phones

Each of our products supports remote phones and has little to no limitations in the number of phones that can be supported worldwide. Currently, we have phones working throughout several countries with no issues.

Companies with multi-sites, agents, or sales personnel working from home will enjoy the flexibility of our systems and the tools provided to manage the phones. CDR reports and Voice Recorder tools are built in, giving the managers the ability to see and hear what the sales and remote agents are doing in real time.

Cell Phone Integration

CTS offers the ability to integrate a customer’s cell phone to their phone system through various available software such as BRIA, X-LIGHT or ZOIPHER. These apps allow a cell phone to become an extension on a WIFI Network.

Keep an eye on CTS as we are working hard to develop our own app to better help our clients!

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