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Network Services

Get connected with better network solutions

At CTS, we believe in providing our customers with impeccable network solutions to help their business grow and keep their communications seamless. 

Network Services

Wiring & Wireless Network

As your single-source technology partner, CTS delivers the latest cabling and wireless network technologies to support today’s demanding voice, data and video applications.


Phone Jacks/Systems

Category 5E voice/Category 5E and 6 for data networks

Feeder cable for voice & data


Fiber Optic

Network Services

IP PBX Support

For full-service, no-worry maintenance, CTS offers maintenance plans available for businesses of any size. We also offer real-time monitoring of the phone systems and run our own provisioning server that monitors all of the IP phones. We have built-in tools into each server that allows us to monitor internet connections and failover to backup internet connections. Read more about our failover services here

Network Services

Call Center Technology

Companies with high inbound call flow can dramatically reduce customer hold time and improve customer service. CTS can assist you in routing calls based on the skill set of employees. Envision a customer service or technical support call routing directly to the person with the skill set most able to assist your client. Call handling data is then compiled to allow the most effective resource allocation and assist in eliminating bottlenecks.

Network Services

Information Technology

Hardware & Software Installations
Repairs & Upgrades
Security & Backup

CTS offers managed IT solutions that will exceed customer’s requirements. We provide hardware & software solutions, repairs & upgrades, as well as security & backup. Utilizing up-to-date technology provides your company with one of the most critical competitive advantages in businesses today. If you’re running on outdated technology, look to us for IT support.

LAN & WAN Development

Development, expansion, and maintenance of local and wide area networks.

Internet Access

We provide internet services for all businesses, small and large, residential and commercial. Rid your business of that expensive Wi-Fi bill and switch over to a more reliable, cost-affordable plan, with us!

Network Transparency

Linking locations for voice, data, and video over public and/or private networks can lower costs and improve employee efficiency. The technology can be transparent to the user.

Network Services

Voicemail & Unified Messaging 

Unified messaging solutions provide users with the ability to unify voicemail,

e-mail, and faxes in one location. 

Network Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Routing voice traffic over the internet allows the customer to send and receive telephone calls over the Internet. Faxes and other devices can be routed as well, which lowers phone bills and overall communications expenses. You may read more here.

Network Services

Voice, Data & Video Integration

Integrating voice, data, and video over common circuits reduces communication costs and increases bandwidth availability.

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