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It's time you spent less on your phone bills.

Here at CTS, we're real people like you. We know what its like to feel like you're always paying too much for your phone service. Our phone bill audit can help with that.


The objectives of a CTS Phone Bill Audit are to identify areas for potential cost saving & reviewing the adequacy of controls over telephone services. Clients have saved thousands of dollars through our audits. Starting with something as simple as implementing new SIP trunks can reduce your phone bill by up to 50%.

During our phone bill audit and analysis, we require full access to your current phone bill records. We will need the proper authorization from you to proceed and give us access to conduct contract compliance audits and make phone bill management recommendations.

We will then only need a few hours of your staff’s time to complete our phone bill audit, expense analysis and cost management process. We will meet with your staff to discuss phone bill audit findings as well as to get your approval to implement money-saving recommendations from our phone bill audit. Staff time associated will depend upon the complexity of our findings and the savings uncovered, but usually is minimal, requiring no more than 4-6 hours.

We seek to make our phone bill auditing and phone bill management procedures as hassle free as possible.

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